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Term 3 Professional Learning

Posted on 5 September 2017

Language Builders

Ms Coles and Ms Schnuriger have attended five sessions on a communication course  - Advice and activities to encourage children's communication skills.  We have been very excited about our learning from these sessions.  We had an opportunity to complete tasks at a Level 1, 2 or 3. Both of us decided to commit to a Level 3 course.   This was a huge commitment to undertake but we feel it has been most worthwhile.  The sessions have focused on the following:

  •  non-verbal communication
  • memory and independent learning
  • working with information carrying words
  • helping children to understand abstract language
  • promoting vocabulary development
  • developing expressive language
  • promoting social communication and social interaction skills
  • supporting children with unclear speech
  • the link between speech, language, reading and writing.


We have implemented lots of our new learning within our classrooms and we have shared our learning with the teaching team at Rukuhia School.  We will continue to use our knowledge and skills.   Already we have seen an improvement in active listening throughout the school - several students have moved one level up in this area.

We would like to thank Mr Drury and the BOT for allowing us to attend.  We would also like to say thanks to Emma Nahna for tutoring the sessions. 

Comment by Kevin Drury on 6 September 2017 8:41 AM:

Well done Ladies you are both a great asset to the teaching profession and Rukuhia School - the students here are lucky to have you.

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