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Term 2 2018

Posted on 8 May 2018

Reading Recovery Rural and Roses Cluster Meeting

Reading Recovery

Last term I attended two reading recovery training sessions.  This was an opportunity for me to observe other qualified reading recovery teachers teach students.  It is nerve racking for the teacher teaching as he/she is in a small room with his/her students, while eight teachers watch from another room.  There is a mirror within the small room so that the student is unaware he/she is being watched.  While we are observing the tutor encourages professional dialogue and challenges our teaching practice.  We use different text to research ways to improve our teaching and to identify next learning steps for individual children.  My turn to teach is in Term 3.  Not only do I continue to reflect on my learning and teaching during these sessions but also during my daily instruction. 


Rural and Roses Cluster Meeting 

Rachael and Jane attended the Term 2 meeting at Pirongia School this afternoon.  The focus for today's learning was 'children with special needs'.  We examined current practice of several schools and looked for ways to access more support for our children.  We feel proud of the learning programmes that are in place at Rukuhia School for our children who experience learning and behaviour difficulties.  Thank you to the Board of Trustees who financially support our initiatives. 


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