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Written by Jane

News from Room 1

2018 Term 1

Posted on 12 February 2018

Learning Focus for Term 1

Welcome back to Room 1.  A huge welcome to Caius, Kylin, Rhys and Zeke.  It is great to have you and your whanau part of our classs.  Everyone has settled in and we are right  into reading, writing, maths and swimming.  Thank you to those families that have sent along books and book bags.  Please ensure that your child's uniform, swimming togs and towels are clearly named.

Our curriculum areas of focus for this term are:

  •  English - daily reading, writing and spelling.  The children use their whiteboard pens on whiteboards to practice their spelling words each day after lunch.  Some of their words appear in their spelling books to practice at home.  Within guided reading the children read two books each day - one book is sent home and we revisit the new book the next day and then that book goes home.  Thank you for filling out your child's reading log.  Children need to be reading at home consistently each afternoon/evening.  Some families like to do the reading in the morning before school - that is great too.  Our topics for writing consist of weekend recount (an experience the children have had), picture books, photographs, puppet shows. trips and u tube clips.  All these topics support children to make sense of their world and their feelings and ideas around it.
  • Mathematics - number knowledge (identifying numbers, ordering numbers, writing numerals) and number strategies (addition and subtraction).  We will also look at fractions on Fridays plus study geometry (shapes).
  • Swimming - we go just about everyday.  We learn about water safety, confidence in and around water also techniques to help us with swimming.
  • Art - most days the children draw, paint and/or colour.  These activities help children with their fine motor skills which is important for letter formation and writing.  It also develops their ideas.
  • Maori - it has been delightful to listen to the children practice their daily greetings and farewells in te reo.  We will continue to extend their Maori language skills and knowledge.  Our focus is Ko au (I, me, myself).  This is all about whānau (families). 

Remember:  puppet show tomorrow 13th February.   

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your child's learning. 

Have a super week.  


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Week 5

Posted on 14 November 2017

Learning in Room 1

 The students have been busy with their training for athletics. Dane (Sport Waikato) and I are very impressed with their skills in high jump, long jump and throwing.  They are so excited about going to Paterangi School next week.  Thanks to those families that have offered transport - we really appreciate your support.  Remember the sun screen, hats and footwear.  Students need to wear school uniform.  The Paterangi School PTA normally have a sausage sizzle and sell other food/drinks so feel free to send a little money with your child.

Our maths focus is still number knowledge and number strategies.  Some of the children are finding counting backwards a bit challenging - this is something parents/whanau can support with at home.  Also ask your child to identify the numbers before a given number, such as, what is the number that comes before 12?  Children need lots of practice with this.  Each day we look at the 'date' - then we count forwards/backwards using the date.  We look at the Maori word for the number, the written word, create number stories around the date as well as doing some fractions.  For example, it was the 14th today so we focused on finding half of fourteen, writing 1/14 (sharing), number stories:  10 + 4 = 14   4 + 10 = 14, plus counted in 2's up to 14.  This information is recorded on paper so that it is very visual for children to see.

Oral language, reading and writing continue to be a major focus of our morning.  Children are expected to still be reading at home every evening.  I realise that life starts to get rather busy so let your child read two or three pages or keep the books for the weekend.  From my many years of experience the more a child reads the easier it is for them to read!  We plan to hold a short summer reading workshop before the end of term for parents/whanau to attend.  This will be at 2.30 pm until 3.00 pm.  Let me know if you are interested in attending.

Swimming will be happening shortly - I will send home a note to confirm Room 1's starting date.  We do not start swimming too soon as the water is too cold for them - they take 15 minutes to get changed, dip in one toe, say it's too cold, then take another 15 minutes to change! 

We still have a few sweatshirts and hats missing.  Please check the name on your child's uniform items as often children take home the wrong clothes - no worries, just return the items to school thanks.  Ashlynne is still missing two sweatshirts.  Please name all your child's uniform and that includes swimming togs, undies and towels. 

Thanks for your wonderful support with supporting your child's spelling.  We have had some fantastic results.


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Term 4

Posted on 23 October 2017

Learning for Room 1

I can't believe it is Term 4 already.  All the children have settled back into school and we welcome Mackensie into our class.

We have started right back into daily reading and writing.  Please ensure that you listen to your child read each night - the more that children read the better the reader they become.  I realize that this is a busy term and that the books are getting longer, so feel free to listen to your child read the first half and you as the parent complete the reading of the second half of the book.  The children produced some lovely stories about their holidays and Country Day.  Have a look at the super photographs between Room 1 and Room 2.  Well done to all those children and their families/whanau that worked on raising a lamb or calf. 

Number knowledge and number strategies are our focus for the next six weeks.  Plus we will be looking at fractions on Fridays - 'Fraction Friday'.  The children absolutely love showing off their mathematical knowledge by counting in both English and Maori.  It is useful for families/whanau to ask their child to identify the number before or after a given number, such as, what comes before 34?  What comes after 34?  We are practicing subtracting numbers up to 20.  Thank you to those families that are supporting their children with learning basic facts up to 10.

Within PE we have had Dane, from Sport Waikato, take us for a session on high jump and long jump.  This was lots of fun and the children are practicing their scissor jump.  Dane will be back to work on our throwing skills.  Watch out for a trip notice to Paterangi School.  We will be going there next month as part of the Lower Waipa Schools athletic development day.  This is always a fun day and parents/whanau are most welcome to come along to support us.

A huge thank you to Krystal for coming in to share her wonderful Maori knowledge and language skills with Room 1 children.  We feel very lucky to have you teach us.  The children can respond in te reo to some simple commands, such as, how are you?  We will be building on this skill this term.

Our inquiry topics for Term 4 consist of some one day science activities as well as a literacy/art topic on narrative stories.  Our story to learn is the 'gingerbread man'.  Research suggests that if children can tell 10 narrative stories independently then these frameworks greatly support their writing.  This research was a reading from the Communication Course professional development that I undertook last term.  I am now putting it into action and hope that the children will reap the benefits.  Any questions come and see me please.  We will be reading, acting, making gingerbread men and creating artwork around the story.




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Week 7

Posted on 5 September 2017

Crazy Hair Day/Pete the Cat Activities

Crazy Hair Day

This was a fun day for everyone at school.  Well done to those families that created some 'crazy hair do's'.  There was lots of laughter in Room 1.  




Pete the Cat and Maths

Mr Kilgour has introduced Room 1 to Pete the Cat stories.  They have created a huge interest and the children have made Pete the Cat pictures.  This includes a felt coat with velcro buttons. We use these characters within our maths for addition and subtraction.  For example,  Pete the Cat had 5 buttons, then he lost 2 buttons, so how many buttons does he have now?  We also made cupcakes which included counting and measuring.  The children were very excited about their baking.  Thank you to Miss Saunders for lending us her cupcake maker.  We were very impressed.  The children even had a go at icing the cup cakes.



Today the topic was Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.  I will display their wonderful artwork and stories in the classroom.  I have noticed that some spelling books are not arriving at school on a Friday - all children are expected to bring their spelling books to school on a Friday.



Thank you for supporting your child with reading at home.  The home reading logs look amazing.  I realise that some books are rather long - children do not need to read the whole book.  Please continue to read picture books to your child at home as this increases their exposure to new vocabulary and will support your child with their independent reading.  The more your child reads the better reader he or she will become.

Health & PE

The children are being challenged in our fitness programme created by Mr Kilgour.  They are developing their skills in balancing and jumping.  At times they have to balance with a partner or within a group.  


Active Listening

Room 1 children are working really hard to be active listeners.  This means sitting still, listening carefully and looking at the speaker.  Sometimes the speaker is the teacher and other times the speaker is one of their friends or a classmate.  Feel free to encourage this at home.  Reading and writing is all about looking and listening.   



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Term 3 2017

Posted on 9 August 2017

Learning for Term 3

We have settled back into learning this term.  It is exciting to see the progress of the students in Room 1.   A big welcome to Mr Matt Kilgour.  Mr Kilgour is a second year student and he will be teaching alongside me for six weeks.  Please introduce yourself to Matt if I haven't already done this. 

We are focusing on writing more information within our stories.  This means the students are expected to write more than one sentence and to use some describing words to add interest for the reader.  Thank you to those families that have supported their child with learning spelling words at home.  This has had a huge impact on their writing.  Remember spelling books come to school on a Friday so that I can test their knowledge and hopefully have time to write in new words for the weekend learning.  Within reading we are looking at a strategy that helps the children when faced with unknown vocabulary - 'Skippy Frog'.  Skip the tricky word and read on to the end of the sentence and then return to the beginning of the sentence  -"think of a word that would fit and that it matches with the letters you see".

Our maths programme this term consists of number knowledge - recognising numbers up to 100, identifying the number before and after a given number and ordering numbers correctly.  We will also look at number strategies - addition and subtraction.  

We are continuing with our community inquiry.  We have had a visit from Sara to talk about her role as a radiographer and a visit from Melissa to talk about her role as a mental health nurse.  A huge thank you to both these parents - we really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.  If you would like to come into class and talk about your occupation please let me know.  We have set up a 'hospital' in Room 1 - this has led to lots of dramatic play which develops children's oral language and ideas.

Cross country has been a major feature of our health and education programme.  Thanks to those families that have sent along spare clothes for this activity.  Please ensure that all your child's clothes and uniform are clearly named - it is very difficult to return items if they are not named.  Please check that your child has the correct uniform - they do get muddled up. Someone has taken the wrong stockings - they will be too short for your child.  We look forward to seeing you this Friday for the cross country.  It starts at 11.00 am with the seniors students.

Thank you to those parents who came for a parent interview last week.  It was great to share your child's learning with you all. 

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