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Written by Jane

News from Room 1

Week 7 Update

Posted on 5 September 2018

Shared Book Follow up

We finished last week off with icing and decorating some cupcakes - they looked really ... err inviting!  Our shared book Mrs Wishy-Washy's Birthday was about her birthday cake and how it was iced with pink roses. Every week we focus on reading a big book.  This develops smooth reading (like we are talking) and the identification of high frequency words (like they, this, up, on).  We also look at new vocabulary in the story and discuss punctuation. The children loved eating their creations.

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Week 6

Posted on 30 August 2018


Wow...the weeks are flying by.  We have been focusing on production in the afternoons.  Thank you to those families that have sent in costume pieces and/or clothes for wearing under costumes.  We will be asking for parents/whanau to help with make up, hair and supervision during the evening performances.  The children are really excited about performing for you - they have been working on their dance routines and singing.  It has been delightful to watch their enthusiasm.  If your child cannot make the evening performances then please let me know. We allow the children to have an early finish from school on the Wednesday and Thursday so that they can go home and have a rest before the night performances.  Also children can arrive late on the Friday morning -so they can have a sleep in.  More about that later on.

Our morning programme is just the same with mathematics with Mrs Ngaire McKain.  The focus is number knowledge - counting and recognising the teen numbers as well as addition up to 10.

Within the literacy programme children are learning to read smoothly (like we talk) and to identify the first letter of an unknown word and make the sound, such as, 'c sound' for come.  When writing the children are adding onto their first sentence and still learning to stretch out sounds and write the letters that match.  Initially the children record only dominant sounds such as, 'wt' for went, then they learn the medial sounds (middle sounds).  We continue to focus on vocabulary - learning the meanings of new words in our readers and picture books.  Thank you for listening to your child read each evening.  The more children practice the better reader they become.

On Fridays the children are tested on their spelling words and I try to write in the new words if they are required so that you have time over the weekend to practice them.  If your child does not give me his/her spelling book then he/she is not tested on them.

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Social Science

Posted on 5 June 2018

Is that really rubbish? We are learning to reduce our waste pile.

Room 1 and Room 2 looked at the amount of rubbish in this bag... we were surprised that the bag only contained two pieces of rubbish!

We had to sort the rubbish into groups:  soft plastic, hard plastic, cardboard, glass, cans and rubbish.


 X-Man (Paul Murray from Zero Waste Education) asked some thought provoking questions around types of rubbish and how we dispose of them.  The children were engaged and totally interested in what Paul had to say.

 We were surprised at the reduced size of the original rubbish bag!  Everyone was keen to do more recycling.

During our second session Paul revisited what the children had learnt from last week.  The children had retained their new learning and were able to explain the different types of rubbish.  Paul brought along his worm farm and shared his wonderful knowledge about composting.


 The children were most intrigued with the worms and the change from food to compost.


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Week 3 Update

Posted on 14 May 2018

Keeping Ourselves Safe Maths

Today we had a visit from Constable Niwha.  He supported me with implementing the Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme.  We discussed the following:

  • remembering our full name, address and telephone number;
  • what to do if we got lost;
  • naming body parts correctly.

Children were given two home learning worksheets to complete with their families/whanau.


Mrs McKain is focusing on number knowledge and number strategies.  Children are learning to form their numbers correctly.  You can encourage your child to write their numbers at home - this will reinforce the learning at school. 

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Swimming Display Term 1

Posted on 10 May 2018

Showing off our Swimming Skills

 During our swimming sessions we learnt how to enter and exit the pool safely as well as developing our confidence in and around water.  We were able to float on our backs and on our stomachs.  We are still learning to fine tune our swimming strokes and kicking.






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