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This is a place where we can share our learning with our whanau. Check out the exciting things happening in Room 4.

Term 3

Posted on 5 September 2018

Students discuss Term 3 in Room 4

Production & Design Team 

This week at Rukuhia school there have been so many announcements on the speaker for the  production practice, that the speaker is almost broken! Miss Coles and Miss Saunders are sorting out all of the costumes and what everyone will be doing. I, Scarlett,  am in the Rukuhia School Design team Lead by Miss Evans and Mr Jepsen. Our team has designed posters advertising the production, and business cards for one of our funny production characters. You may have seen our amazing work placed around the school. Room 3 have been designing tickets that are up for sale next week. Room 5 has designed a poster and production pamphlet.

Written by Scarlett Jamieson


Writing to the elderly

Every second Thursday Miss Esselburg comes into Room 4 to teach. She told us about the elderly people at Hilda Rose and asked if we wanted to send letters to them. The following week when she came in to our class we started writing to them, it took about 6 weeks to get letters back, but it was worth it. I heard some of the letters were very interesting, telling us all sorts of amazing things they have achieved in their lives. I, Amy, received a letter from a lovely lady who also loves ballet like me! She also use to be a music teacher. Room 4 really enjoyed writing to them, and receiving their replies. We hope we have time to write back this term.

Written by Amy Pinkerton


Positive and Negative Lane

This term Room 4 has been looking at both Negative and Positive attitudes, and how they can truly affect our lives. One of the things linking to this study is that we are trying to look on bright side of life. Mr Jepsen has been encouraging us to be positive instead of negative, towards everything that we do. He has taught us about the Positive and Negative Lane, like when coming up to a T-Intersection on the road. Left is Negative Lane and right is Positive Lane. We all have a choice, and the choice is up to us, which Lane we choose to go down. It’s never too late to turn around if we realise we have gone the wrong way.

Written by Millie Devcich



This term at Rukuhia School in Room 4 we are learning about measurement. We have a large poster on the wall with all the measurement vocabulary such as millimeters, kilograms and stuff like that. l Scarlett have done the word Liters. Fact: Liters are much heavier than you think, especially when you try and lift them. We have designed our own little towns to learn about measurement. This is teaching us how to draw to scale. We need roads, bridges, lakes, our house, 2 friends houses, shops, road that join our towns with friends towns and even a  secret meeting place. I Scarlett and other classmates are on to coloring them in. They are going to look so cool! Hopefully we get to take them home and show our parents they will love them so so so much.

Written by Scarlett Jamieson 


Persuasive Writing

In room 4 we have a little game that we love to play. It’s based around how we can persuade people to think a certain way. Mr Jepsen will give us a statement like “A native birds life is more important than a possums”. When he says it, we can either go to the Disagree area or the Agree area. If we don’t know how we feel we can go in the Neutral area. it's a fun game where kids can play and learn.After playing this game for a week, we ended up discussion a whole lot of different Persuasive Speech Topics. Below is a photo of just some we have explored.

Written by Grace Horton


Greytown School

This week at Rukuhia School we are are learning about how to write letters to other people. A few weeks ago Mr Jepsen received a hole bunch of letters from a school in Greytown, which is all the way down in Wellington. The students are the same ages as us ,and we have lots of fun writing to them. It is such a privilege to be writing to other people. We have found out things like they have the same interests as we do. Their class has more boys than girls. Also, their school is in the middle of the city, where ours is in the countryside. We are looking forward to receiving their replies. 

Written by Lisette Kingi

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