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Term 2

Posted on 5 July 2018

An overview of learning and experiences taken place over Term 2.

Term 2  |  2018


This term Room 4 have been working on developing our researching skills through our Inquiry studies. We have been learning how to locate keywords, skimming and scanning, and putting/retelling information into our own words. We have learnt how to use the internet effectively and appropriately when researching a topic. We have also been working on our delivery of specific text. Skits being performed from School Journals entertain us on a weekly basis. Students explore pitch, clarity and expression as they put on their dynamic shows. Silent Reading has a twist this term. Students have a paper scissors battle to determine the winner. The winner gets to relax with a pillow while their partner reads to them, ensuring to use expression, fluency and clarity.


Every morning the students of Room 4 cannot wait to get out their writing books. This term we have covered Recount, Descriptive and Narrative Writing. Recount writing is a highlight of our week, sharing, questioning, and being interested in other peoples experience is a great way to start the week. Students created a game where they had to write descriptive clues describing a character for their friend to try and guess. Narrative writing has naturally formed into Chapter Book writing. Inspired by their favorite authors, some students have independently began writing a chapter series.


This term the students of Room 4 have been immersed in problem solving, fractions, and strategy choice and appropriateness. Each students' 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of schooling is filled with learning multiple strategies. It's now time to put these strategies to the test. A year 5 and 6 students has multiple ways they can go about solving a problem, but what would be the most accurate and time efficient? This is what students are beginning to ask themselves. Identifying the actual equation within a word problem has allowed students to have a more relaxed attitude towards word problems. What am I supposed to solve? What aspects are irrelevant to the answer? Are their names, colours and objects important? What numbers am I given to work with? These questions help make the equation more clearer, turning a complicated question into a manageable problem to solve. 

Our Inquiry focus this term, and of the first couple of weeks of Term 3 has been: We take water for granted. The students of Room 4, like always have exceeded expectations. Inquiry is a time that reading, writing and mathematics can be brought together in a real life, real world context. Powerful connections have been made by students with the way they live their lives, and the impact it has on the environment. With guest speaker X-MAN coming to talk to Room 4  about recycling and the damage plastic is doing to our planet, had a huge impact on the students. Plogging - a craze that has hit the States is now being brought to New Zealand and implemented by Room 4... of course! To celebrate a successful term full of accomplishments, students decided they could give something back to the planet through a simple Plog around Hamilton Lake. Once again, Room 4 has blown their teacher and parents away with their efforts. 16 bags full of rubbish was collected from Lake Rotoroa. An area that is cleaned by the Hamilton City Council on a daily basis. Well done Room 4, you guys ROCK!

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