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This is a place where we can share our learning with our whanau. Check out the exciting things happening in Room 4.

Term 1

Posted on 9 April 2019

A overview of term one based on the perspective of students in Room 4

Exchange Student

This past few weeks Room 4 has had a exchange student from Thailand. His name is Kanhen. His big sister Manou is in Room 5. Room 4 enjoyed this experience. Kanhen made lots of new friends and memories. He enjoyed the time in room 4. His favorite part was the lego, but he also liked Mr Jepsen's drawing. Kanhen thought his time in room 4 was fun and cool.

By Betsy-Scarlett Ingram


Science Group

In science we are learning about compost creatures.We(as in Hollie, Nina, Betsy, Logan, Emma, Winter, and l) do science every Thursday in the Rukuhia School Library.We are the science group.We are lead by Mrs Essleberrge. We have been working on compost creatures.

Emma- Tiger worms, Fraser- Slugs/Earthworms, Betsy- Fungi, Nina/Hollie- Woodlice 
Logan- Flies/Maggots, Winter- Earwigs. 

We have been working on them for eight weeks in term one. I’ve been loving it so far!!

By Fraser Grayling


Water Inquiry

This term room 4 has been learning about water. One of the experiments is making a water cycle in a bag. It was like epic! Did you know that 3% of water is fresh 2% is ice and  1% is available New Zealand  is so lucky to be available to access this. So we are learning to use it wisely. Did you know that the percentage of freshwater has stayed the same since the start of time so if we run out we would be in trouble. So talk to your family on ways to reduce water. Here’s an option instead of wait in for the tap to turn cold fillip a jug of cold water.

By Logan Cave 


What we do for fun in Room 4

In Room 4 we like to have as much fun as we can.This term we have been playing in the hall,on the courts and inside. In the hall we play Regions and Dodgeball, we play regions on the courts and inside we play with the LEGO , board games, art, free time, play on the computers and read books. I think this class is cool and I love this class, I think mr Jepsen is cool.

By Winter Storie


The Chook Chooks 

In Room 4 we look after the chickens. I go down on Thursdays. If there is no food we go to the garden shed to get some. We give them new water each day. The chickens names are Pepsi, Lucy and Ruby. It’s a big responsibility. The biggest rule is never interrupt a chicken laying an egg. In my group there is Fraser, Aston, Logan, Declan and I (Lauren). Last week the chickens decided they want to eat Aston, he ran around like a crazy chicken.Now the chickens should stay healthy. I love the chickens except for the one that peeks

By Lauren


Mathematics in Room 4 - Statistics and Place-Value

In room 4 we have been learning about Place Value. This involves us working out the value of each digit in a number. For example, in the number 4,567, the value of the 6 is 60, and the value of the 5 is 500.This has been our largest number so far: 999,999,999,999. We have been learning about statistics. So far we have been looking at Open and Closed Questions that we can investigate. Some of the questions we have explored are; What is your favourite colour? Who likes Cats or Dogs What is your favourite drink? Favourite country? Along with a whole bunch of interesting things about the students of Room 4.

We have had an awesome time in Maths (some people not so much) in Term 1 in 2019.

By Fraser Grayling and Mr Jepsen

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