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This is a place where we can share our learning with our whanau. Check out the exciting things happening in Room 4.

Term 4

Posted on 12 November 2018

An update on all things happening in the world of Room 4

Writing - Speeches

In room 4 last term we did speeches. We did it about lots of things, such as… rubbish, dogs, horses and more. Over to you Grace... Doing speeches in room 4 was hard work, some finished and some did not, but everybody got through it in the end. Back to Madi... As Grace said it took lots of hard work but we got through it. Some students were nervous and some were very brave. Let's see what some people felt afterwards, while they were doing it and when they first started. Back to you Grace. This is Madison from our class and how she felt about her speech which was about Cruelty to Animals. When she started she was a bit nervous. In the middle of her speech she felt scared but good at the same time. At the end she felt really good that she explained her speech and the points got across to the students. Back to you Madi. Next person we will interview our classmate Scarlett. Lets go over to her now. At the start of my speech I felt embarrassed. In the middle of my speech it got fun and I was enjoying myself. At the end of my speech I was hoping that everyone liked it. Back to u Grace. Well as we said it took a long time but they got there in the end. Everyone felt very proud once they presented their speech and everyone learnt something new.

By Madi Stanley & Grace Horton


Lower Waipa Athletics

Last Friday, some students got chosen to go to the Lower Waipa School Athletics, it was a beautiful day. Thank you adults that helped with transport. We wouldn't have been able to go without you. Lots of students gave good feedback about the food. (Especially the donuts!) But we didn’t just sit around eating them all day, we did very well, and of course we all tried our hardest. Congratulations to Ashton for stopping half way through the 800 metres to help a kid who was struggling, and he kept on running even though he was almost a lap behind. Again, it was a beautiful day.

By Amy Pinkerton & Maia Macaskill-Smith


Digital Design Group

Every Thursday, Kylee comes and collects some kids to do some digital technology. Room 4 and below have been playing on Scratch. Scratch is a program that introduces students to the concept of coding. That is where a simple code instructs something to do a particular thing. For example… U U U D could direct a car to go up, up, up then down. The last few weeks we have been doing challenges like get the sprite to make stairs, but the best thing is we get lolly bags after we have done all the challenges. The people that are in the design group are Amy, Grace, Maia , Lisette, Madison Torr and Scarlett. When we do our challenges we get split into groups of three, Amy, Maia and Grace are in one team then the other team is Scarlett, Lisette and Madison Torr. The same happens with all the other classes, room 1, 2, and 3, do the same as us which is Scratch and room 5 does something different to us but it is an online website.

By Scarlett Jamieson & Amy Pinkerton


Te Awamutu Pools

To celebrate the end of our unit focusing on Water we went to the Te Awamutu Pools. When we got there the first thing we did was go on the hydro-slide Millie hurt her elbow. Evangeline hit her head and Blaze hurt his head and I hit my head but it didn’t hurt. After this we went on the inflatable. Ashton said it would be easy but he fell off the first five steps and we all laughed. I was the one to make it across but I fell off right when I made it to the end. For lunch we had a whole bunch of pizza, and we got to play in the park. It was awesome I was sad to leave at the end of the day.

By Shannon Mackay 


Science Fair

On one day we did a science fair there was rocket balloon Paper planes and many other science experiments involved with pressure. Room 1,2,3,4 and 5 came up to see this science fair in hall. There were 8 different experiments around the hall Rocket Balloon, Paper Planes, Cartesian Diver, Water Tornado, Hovercraft, Bernoulli Effect, Imploding Can and Water Rocket. Everyone like it, even Mr Drury. From now on every year we will be doing the science fair.

By Micaiah Everitt


Penpals with Hilda Ross

This term at Rukuhia School room 4 has been learning how to write letters to our penpal's from Hilda Ross Retirement Village. We learnt many interesting things from our penpal's. My penpal's name was Willemina, she was born in Holland and came to New Zealand by ship in 1951. It took her nearly 5 whole weeks to get here. My friends penpal's name is Beryl. She had a Springer Spaniel named Kiri, she loved going for walks and chasing balls.

On Thursday we had a very exciting experience where we all went to visit and meet our penpals at Hilda Ross. When we arrived all of us sung a song to the elderly people. Then we all sat in a giant circle and got peered up with our new friends. They shared stories with us, we shared morning tea with them, and some of us even got little gifts. My favorite part of this whole experience was meeting my penpal. Another favorite part was when I got to meet some of her family. We all got to see where they live, what things they like to get up to, and what they do for fun. They had a pool, a hair salon, a spa, a gym, a pool table, a shop, and everything you could think of. I would love to live there when I am older. I would also love to have a penpal when I am older.

By Lisette Kingi and Madison Torr


A Camp Story

At Rukuhia School we got to go on camp. We went down to Wellington for the week. We took the train down and to took 8 hours. We got to Wellington at 6:30pm we had to walk to the YHA hostel in Wellington. For dinner we had pizza yum-yum. After dinner we went up to the rooms my number was 506. In my room there was Me, Renee, Ashlee and Darin. Me and Ashlee were on the bottom bunk Renee and Darin were on the top.

Good morning its is Tuesday 3nd November day two of camp today we got to go to H20 Extreme water park it is not that extreme. We were there from 10:30 till 12:45 after the pools we went to the Weta Workshop we had an earthquake well we were in the Weta Workshop that was scary. After the Weta Workshop we went back to the hostel.For dinner that night we had fish and  chips. That was delicious. After that we went bowing that was a super fun game with my friends. After we went to bed.

Good morning  it is Wednesday 4th November today we get to go a around Wellington by doing a scavenger hunt after we got a tour around parliament after parliament we got dinner at Mcdonalds for dinner. After dinner we went to Zealand for a tour we seen two kiwis. After we went back to the hostel good night .

Good morning today is the Thursday 5th November today we are going to the papa after we had a free afternoon. For dinner we had Genji's for dinner after dinner we went back to the hostel and pack  for tomorrow good night. Rise and shine today we are going home are your bags pack is your room clean and cleared out we have to go to the airport I am so excited to go home. I loved that camp it was the best camp.

By Saige Bright


The Gardening Group

Every Friday Ariane comes in and spends 45 minutes of her time and does a gardening group. Room 4 has been luck enough to one of the class’s to do a gardening with her. Every week we start with a conversation about what we are going to do and how we achieve it.

The first week was getting use to each other and planting a few things. We planted some corset, broccoli and tomatoes. The second week we planted some sunflowers, and by the way they are going to look great.

Week 3 we helped transport the dirt into another box so that was a pretty basic week. Week 4 week 4 was athlete day for the seniors so room 4 joined in with room 1 for the garden group. We did some more transferring and we also planted a new tree it was an apple that tree.

I asked kids in this class how do they feel about the garden group their answers were: Saige said that the garden group is fun. Amy said that  it is fun. Maia said that it is a good way to spend our Friday. Kate said that it is a good way to learn about our school garden. Cassie said it is fun. Shannon said that it does a lot for our school garden. And last but not least Olivia Said that it is amazing.

By Millie Devcich

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