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Schools Day Out - The Waikato Show

Posted on 12 April 2018

Waikato Show Schools Day Out

This term Room 4 was lucky enough to be invited to the Schools Day Out at the Waikato Show. We were not too sure what to expect, so we gave it a go and we were not disappointed. The days learning focus was on occupations, interests, hobbies and experiences that are available out there in the world. With six different learning stations for students to visit, there was something for everyone.

Rather than telling you what the students did, let’s see what they have to say. 

My favorite part of the Waikato Show was the rabbits. I have a rabbit at home and I learnt that they could eat dried up weet-bix. I didn’t like the goats that much because they walk around doing whatever they want. I got to see lamas, donkeys, horses, dogs, sheep and Thomas the turkey. I thought I was looking at a baby Lama until I realised it was only a pretend one! They tricked me. 

My favourite part of the day was when I got to battle my class mates in a real-life battle. We got to use flour bombs on people that exploded when you threw them at your enemies. Our team got to wear the vests. During the battle I bumped my head quite badly. One thing I learnt from the ambulance workers was that you can’t give kids under 12 years old ice to put on a bump, I found this very interesting.

My favorite part of the day was when I got to use the iPad by myself to take pictures. My Favorited photo was when the nice firemen took a photo of me standing in front of a car that was all smashed up. I learnt that babies cannot travel in the front of a car, and if you are drunk you are best to go find a room to sleep in for the night… DON’T DRIVE!

I think each and every student took something away with them from this experience. Whether it was a new interest or hobbie, a special moment spent with the animals, being a part of a totally new experience, made some new friends, or learnt about something they had know idea even existed. A super proud moment was when I received an Email sharing how enjoyable people with stalls found the students from Rukuhia School. Confident, interested, polite and passionate were the words used to describe the Room 4 students.


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