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Term 1, Week 3

Posted on 18 February 2018

Fortnightly update

We are now well underway in our learning program.  Your child should have brought their homework book home on Monday.  These will now come home every Monday, unless I advise otherwise.  Please encourage your child to practice their spelling words.  They don't just have to write them in their homework book, however I would like to see some evidence that they are practicing at home.  Using coloured pens or felts helps to make it a more enjoyable experience.  If you have chalk at home, your child could write their words on the path or drive, photograph it and email their 'evidence' to me.  Be creative.  

In your child's book bag on Fridays when they come to school should be their poem book and their homework book.  Their poem book will come home again on Friday (however, I do occasionally forget to give them back!).  The purpose of the poem book is for your child to experience reading other forms of writing.  Please read their poem with them and ask them about some of the interesting language.  This weeks poem was A haka mana.  This is the Maori alphabet song. This is a link to the Youtube song - you could all practice at home.

Next week we welcome Mr Lynn to our class for 6 weeks for his university practicum.  I'm sure you and the children will make him feel very welcome.   

Don't forget book bags daily, togs and drink bottles.   

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