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Week 3, Term 2, 2018

Posted on 17 May 2018

What's up in Room 3

Welcome back to term 2.  It has been a busy start. 

I would like to welcome our student teacher, Miss Tapara, into our class.  It is such a cool experience for the children to have student teachers and we are very lucky that Rukuhia School has an awesome reputation with the Faculty of Education from the University of Waikato.  Miss Tapara is on her final practicum and will be with us until week 8 of this term. 

Thanks to the parents who helped their children with their bird posters.  We have shared these in class and then used this information to write reports, which have been published and turned into a class book.  The children shared their posters at assembly last Friday and a few children had the privilege of sharing their reports (sorry that assembly ran late ;) ) 

This week we have been engrossed in Keeping ourselves Safe.  The year 3 students have been going to Miss Saunders in Room 2 for the year 0-3 program while the year 4's have stayed with me for the year 4-6 program.  We have had some awesome discussions and the children have been awesome at thinking about ways to keep safe and what to do if they don't feel safe.   

Upcoming events in Room 3 include a poetry recital at the end of the term, winter sports for most of the class on the 20th June, some financial literacy sessions with the ASB and a short unit on recycling waster.    Looks like we are going to have a busy rest of the term.   

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