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Term 1 & 2 Professional Learning

Posted on 27 May 2019

Courses and Workshops attended by Rukuhia Teachers

Digital Technology within the Classroom

Steve Jepsen is leading the learning at our school with the new Digital Curriculum. He has attended several days with our local cluster of schools.  The group is looking at how we can effectively incorporate digital technology within our classrooms.

Literacy Symposium

On the first Sunday of last holidays, Leanne, Rachael, Monique and myself attended a full day of professional learning on literacy with a specific focus on oral language, writing and supporting students with English as a Second Language.  The day was outstanding and we have already implemented mainly ideas back in our classrooms.  Thank you to the BOT for funding this day.

Writing Moderation

Rachael and I continue to attend the local cluster moderation meetings once a term.  This term we moderated many samples of student writing with teachers from a range of schools and as a result of this we feel affirmed in our ability to level student writing accurately.  We also looked at developing students oral language and were able to purchase a book to support our teaching with this.

Singapore Maths

Greg and Rachael had a fantastic day learning about the Singapore Maths programme.  They shared their knowledge at last week's staff meeting.  We had a robust discussion on the benefits of this programme.  Greg and Rachael will continue to investigate it and plan to visit a small country school, Kuratau where the programme is in place.

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