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Gifted and Talented Education at Rukuhia School

Welcome to the newly formed Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) page. As part of an eighteenth month process the team at Rukuhia School have, at the end of 2013, completed a professional development module regarding: the creation of a school definition; identification processes; and planning of GATE programmes, including evaluation, assessment, and reporting of these.

In the navigation sidebar on the left of this page you will find links which lead to further information about Gifted and Talented Education at Rukuhia School, including documents relating to the school definition and the identification process as described below, as well as links to outside organisations for additional information and support.

A Brief Overview

  • Gifted and Talented; what does it mean? Some terminology and ideas around what this means.
  • Characteristics of Giftedness and Talent:  some common characteristics associated with giftedness and talent
  • School Definition: outlines the areas in which exceptional behaviour may be identified at Rukuhia School
  • Identification:

    • Parent/caregiver/whānau nomination: a chance for parents to share their child's natural abilities and talents
    • Self-review: a chance for students to express about their own interests and abilities
    • Peer-review: an opportunity for students to highlight classmates abilities and interests
    • Teacher nomination: based around observation and data collection, teachers record student's abilities and interests

A combination of all four identification forms help the school to identify these students and their exceptional abilities and record the details of these children and their interests, strengths, including abilities shown and the potential for exceptional such abilities. These details are kept on a GATE register and help the school to match programmes to student learning needs.

  • Provisions and support: A home-school partnership to develop Individual Extension Experiences, as well as implementation and assessment of the effectiveness of these.
  • Further Information and Support: General information and links to further resources 

New Enrolments

For new enrolments, the identification process starts with filling out the Ministry of Education enrolment form. On this form, in the section Learning/Behaviour Needs, giftedness and talent can be noted. The school will then provide a parent/caregiver/whānau nomination form to be completed to gather more information from home, and begin the process of observation and identification within the school environment.

Current Students

If students attend the school already and parent/ caregiver/whānau would like to complete a nomination form, this can be downloaded off the website to fill in and return to the office, or a paper copy can be requested from the office.  If a child has been identified in class as being gifted and talented or having potential to be, parent/caregiver/whānau may be approached by the school to fill in a parent/caregiver/whānau nomination form.


The school values feedback on all forms including the nomination sheets and the information provided. The Rukuhia School is always looking at ways to improve systems and processes, and as such, seek constructive suggestions on ways for improvement. Please feel free to get in touch to share any ideas so that we can work together to achieve this.

Have questions or need support?

If you have questions, ideas or concerns directly relating to your child's learning needs at school, please contact your child's classroom teacher directly. It may be helpful to indicate what you would like to talk about, and offer times suitable for you to meet and share your ideas and/or discuss your concerns so that the teacher has time to gather necessary information in preparation for meeting with you.


We look forward to working together with you to support and nurture your child, helping to realise his/her natural potential.