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Developing Independence
Through Learning
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Provisions and Supports

When a student is identified as gifted and talented, the child's teacher will develop Individual Extension Experiences (IEE) to meet the unique learning needs of your child. These may involve goals set between parent/caregivers/whānau and the student's teacher, such as those set out in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) as well as any other opportunity that a teacher believes will support the development of gifts and talents. 

Individual Extension Experiences may include:

  • In-class extension
  • Subject specific acceleration
  • Withdrawal programmes
  • Competitions and Awards
  • Dual enrolment (e.g., Rukuhia School and Correspondence School or One Day School)
  • Mentoring

 Evaluation and Communication Process  

In order to decide on a child's next learning steps, it is important to assess what students have learnt, what they have found interesting, and what they have enjoyed about their learning experience. Information collected around this and will be fed back to parents/caregivers/whānau so that the learning process is open and next steps can be planned collaboratively.

This information helps us in determining how effective various programmes are at meeting student needs, whether they are of value and should be continued, if continued, how they might be modified to improve them and if discontinued what alternatives might be useful.

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