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School Definition

Why have a Definition?

It is important to support gifted and talented students in their learning and development. Gifted children need the opportunity to be challenged appropriately, have the chance to learn how to learn, develop resilience, be supported with their uneven development and have their sensitivities and intensities understood. In order to achieve this, we need a common understanding of what it means at our school to be gifted and talented.

Schools are required by the Ministry of Education to cater for the unique learning needs of gifted and talented students. In consultation with their community, schools develop their own unique definition of giftedness and talent in order to reflect the values of the school community and be inclusive. The definition is an evolving document that is updated periodically to ensure that it continues to reflect community values as families move in and out of the school.


Our School Definition

Click here for the Rukuhia School definition of gifted and talented. This is a working document so it will be reviewed and change according to the needs and resources of the school and its community. Please feel free to ask questions or provide constructive feedback in relation to this.


Moving on from Rukuhia to another School

Different schools have different definitions. If your child has been included identified as gifted and been included on the school GATE register at Rukuhia School (see Identification Section) you need to be aware of this. As you move between schools, you may find that your child moves in and out of Gifted and Talented (GATE) groups as the school definitions differ, and access to GATE programmes and provisions varies. This is not to suggest that your child is gifted sometimes and not others, but rather that what is valued by the community as a whole may be slightly different, or that due to curriculum and/ resourcing restrictions, the school may not be able to cater for particular aspects of giftedness and talent.


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