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These are some of the more formal approaches to identification being used by the school. 

  • Enrolment form
  • Parent/caregiver/whānau nomination
  • Teacher nomination
  • Peer nomination
  • Self-nomination

GATE Register

Information from different sources is collected and compared. If the information suggests a student is gifted and talented, the information is added to the school GATE register to ensure that learning programmes are in line with student's individual interests, strengths and related learning needs. This information is accessible to teachers all year round so that if an opportunity comes up, students who are gifted and talented in a related area and have an interest in the opportunity are identified for a chance to participate. Information on the register is also taken into consideration for planning purposes when your child moves from one classroom and teacher to the next to ensure consistency in meeting your child's needs. 

Enrolment form

Parents generally know their children best. While Rukuhia School aims to provide students with an environment where students have the opportunity to show their abilities and interests, these abilities and interests may not always be evident at school. Abilities, uneven development and intensities often show up before school age and/or may show up more in different environments. For example; talents may be demonstrated at home, on the marae, at church, on the sports field, at dance practice, at a community group or club, in a personal pursuit etc. As such, student's gifts and talents are not always picked up at school.

We need and value your input, to help raise our awareness and understanding of your child's abilities and development and learning needs. Please take the time to share your understanding of your child with us.

The enrolment form has a space to provide some information about your child's unique learning abilities and needs.  

If you believe that your child is or could be gifted and talented please make a note of this in the enrolment form in the space titled Learning/Behaviour Needs.

You may like to note in the Specialist Needs/Resourcing Agencies box, any particular strengths or interests your child has, and also any other areas you think extra support may be required. We understand that this is a snapshot in time and these may change over time.

If you have any reports from assessments relating to any aspects of your child's learning and behaviour needs, please note these in the Other Information/Requests box. Any information provided will be used to develop appropriate supports for your child, is valued and is confidential. If giftedness and talent in included in your child's enrolment details you will be provided with a parent/caregiver/whanau identification form to provide further details.

The parent/caregiver/whānau identification form can be requested at any time.

If you, or someone who knows your child, thinks your child is, or might be, gifted and talented please request a form to complete so that you can help us understand your child and their unique learning needs better. This is not restricted to the enrolment process. 

Parent/Caregiver/Whānau Nomination 

If you have identified on the enrolment form that your child is, or may be gifted and talented, or at any given stage you or someone who knows your child well feels that this is applicable to your child, you can request a parent/caregiver/whānau nomination form to provide extra information about your child's abilities.This also extends to  the likes of tutors, club leaders, kaumatua, mentors and experts in a  particular field, who may notice particular characteristics of potential and/or achievement which others may or may not. 

Teacher Nomination 

At any given point during the school year, teachers can nominate students showing gifted characteristics as school to be included in the school GATE register. In addition to this, once students and teachers have had the opportunity to get to know each other, teachers take the time to work through a list of some of the more common characteristics of giftedness in order to try and identify as many gifted and talented students as possible to ensure the classroom provisions are meeting student's learning needs. 

Peer Nomination and Self-Nomination 

Once students are familiar with one another, the students are provided with an activity or worksheet to guide them through the process of helping to identify strengths and attributes of students which may reflect giftedness and talent either in their peers, or in them. This is likely to happen at the same time of year as the Teacher Nomination Checklist but may occur earlier if classmates are already familiar with one another.


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