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GATE and High Interest Programme for Term 1 Room 5


Many students have been participating in an extension science group with Mrs Anneke Esselbrugge during Term 1.  Mrs Esselbrugge is our science expert.  The students investigated water linking it to their learning with Paul (Mr X Man) from Pare Kore.  They explored:  the water cycle, solids, liquids, gas, Lake Cameron, native plants, pest plants, pest control, wild life, eels, as well as planning a mural and creating some art work.  Many thanks to the BOT for funding this programme.  Feel free to have a look at the scrap book in the classrooms.

GATE and High Interest Programme for Term 1 Room 4

Worms and Compost

Students from Room 4 also participated in a science extension programme with Mrs Esselbrugge.  They studied worms, compost, fungi bacteria and food scraps.  The students created posters to show their learning and answers to their inquiry questions. 

GATE and High Interest Programme for Term 1 Room 3

Reduce Rubbish

Mrs Esselbrugge's extension group from Room 3 focused on reducing rubbish.  The students came up with some interesting questions and observed some problems with their worm-farm. They made some beeswax wraps to reduce paper and plastic rubbish.  The students investigated food waste at home.  Again feel free to look through their scrapbook in Room 3.